Ossume hand Sanitizer

Leveraging on our proven Ossume technology, Ossume hand Sanitizer was created as a long-lasting hand sanitiser that protects for 24-hours and moisturises your hand.

Get a personal-sized bottle which can last for up to a
1 month! Available in 50ml.

Why people using Ossume Non-alcohol sanitizer instead of using a sanitizer which consist of alcohol as the active germs-fighting ingredient?

Ossume No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer uses US EPA Registered Antimicrobial as an active ingredient. Antimicrobial self-disinfecting coating that contains quaternary based organo-silane compound, its help to protect from the germs.

The sanitizer which contain alcohol will be very harmful and poisoning for the young children. Its also flammable sanitizer because it consists of alcohol. A healthy skin needs the moisturize and protective oils, but the alcohol-based formulation sanitizer will damage the skin.

Market Problems
Benefits of Ossume Sanitizer
Short Protective Duration
Toxic with a High Alcohol Content
Harmful & Irritable on Skin
Pungent Odour

24 hours longer protection
Skin friendly

100% Natural
Kill 99.9% Germs
Eco – food Grade & and non toxic

Let’s protect every household and office with Ossume hand Sanitizer